Walcha Farmers Market | About
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About the Markets

We are a non for profit organisation developed to support and stimulate the profitable trading, viability and business growth of independent primary producers, hobby farmers, community and home gardeners, and associated artisan produce value-adders.

What the Markets can include …

Gourmet and organic fresh vegetables, fruit, herbs, meat, bread and baked goods, dairy, poultry, condiments, wine, coffee, teas, spices, honey, olive oil, edible by-products, plants and flowers

An educational workshop

Music, entertainment, kids activities and competitions

The aim of the Markets …

To support and stimulate the profitable trading, viability and business growth of independent primary producers, hobby farmers, community and home gardeners, and associated artisan produce value-adders

To provide seasonal, fresh and local food with a face and a sense of place

To develop skills and employment in the community by encouraging independent growing of produce by conducting educational workshops at the markets

To provide an authentic and exciting event for the community year round

To add diversity and culture to the Walcha community

To encourage sustainable environmental practices

To provide customers with regular supplies of fresh food and access to improved nutrition

The economic, social and health benefits of the markets:

Support of sustainable agricultural practices

Food and nutrition education

Promotion of fresh and local produce consumption

Generate a strong community spirit

Linking town and country

Facilitation of community-based food security programs

Recycling of green waste and appropriate packaging

Bring along your fresh produce, baked goods or anything else grown in your garden or baked in your kitchen and we’ll sell it for you!

Conditions apply, see the Stallholder for more details.